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Support our important work

Unfortunately, the global stray animal problem remains very large. For the SBA, this means we have much work ahead of us, but each animal that can be helped is a success. No animal in distress should be ignored. Under this motto, we continue our work, together with the volunteers on the ground, who pour their heart and soul into helping these animals, day and night.

The SBA is currently supporting 19 shelters around the world. To learn more about these shelters and how you can help them, you may read more on the page Shelters. The cost of supporting these shelters is high. Therefore, we always welcome donors and sponsors. If you are moved by the plight of these stray animals, and you wish to support the SBA’s work, please consider making a donation. Contributions should be addressed to: Stichting Buitenlandse Asielen, Bank Number NL23 INGB 0004 4424 00, Vlaardingen.*)


Foundation for Foreign Animal Shelters has ANBI status -- donations are tax deductible as a gift in the Netherlands.
Our ANBI number is 8102.50.512.

Another great way to support our foundation in the future is through a donation in the form of a bequest. You may do so by adding a clause to your will. The language of such a clause varies by country; please contact us if you want more information about this process.

In some cases, you need the registration number from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Our registration number is 411.58.311.

Of course, companies can also support our work. This may be through a one-time gift another form of sponsorship. Would you like to share your company’s ideas? Please contact us, and we can take you through various options. Make an appointment via stichtingbuitenlandseasielen@gmail.com

Can we please count on your help? Your contribution will help us to save the lives of hundreds of animals around the world.

*) Our administrative and necessary travel expenses amount to 10% of our revenues. This is well below the 25% standard established by the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF).