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Animal shelter of PAD in Mijas, Spain, will move to a much safer place

06 january 2012 - The Animal shelter, PAD, Protección de animales Domésticos, will be able to install their premises in La Cantera del Puerto. The Mayor, Angel Nozal, will allow the use of part of the Cantera del Puerto, to PAD, which is currently installed next to the Fuengirola river, which overflowed last winter, causing the death of many dogs and cats.


The Animal shelter PAD, of Mijas, can install their premises in La Cantera del Puerto, following the offer made by the Mayor Angel Nozal, after a meeting held in the Town Hall with directors of this organization. With this, the council of the Mijas Town Hall, takes another step forward to complete the recovery of the mentioned quarry, the nearest to Mijas village, giving it a full environmental use.

With this in mind, in the near future, the Donkey taxi stables will also be installed on this land, and the Environment Delegation is also working on a plan to promote the reforestation of the area, to be carried out by a concessionary company, via the massive planting of different species of plants and trees.


The Protectora de Animales Domésticos is an altruist organization, created 15 years ago, dedicated to the refuge and relocation in new homes of dogs and cats. Each year, they manage the adoption of about 500 cats and 300 dogs. Due to their current location, at about 400 metres from the riverbed of the Fuengirola river and next to the sewage plant in Cerros del Aguila, they suffered a number of floods last winter due to the rise of the river, which caused the death of numerous cats and dogs. This circumstance would never happen in Cantera del Puerto, a plot of 170.000 square metres, where PAD will have enough space to shelter all the animals.