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The main activity of the SBA is to provide financial and administrative-organizational support to those foreign animal shelters that are unable to carry out these functions themselves. This does not happen overnight. SBA will only agree to provide structural support after we have determined that a particular shelter is a legitimate and viable initiative. SBA vets the procedures, policies, and administration prior to establishing a relationship with each shelter. Donors rely on SBA’s expertise and prudence to provide aid to needy animals effectively.

The SBA is a volunteer organization with a face and identity of its own, but it is also open to cooperation with other organizations. In this context, we work closely with the Dutch Animal Protection as well as with organizations in various countries where our shelters are located.

In addition to shelters, SBA also funds initiatives that contribute to a more fundamental solution to the stray animal problem in a country. For example, we support and initiate actions on-site for microchip and sterilization campaigns. As a result, large numbers of stray animals have been chipped and neutered / spayed, thus countering the unbridled growth of populations of dogs and cats.

The SBA recommends tackling the stray animal problem within their home countries. This means that we are not in favor of moving the stray animals to the Netherlands from abroad. People who want an animal from a shelter can turn to one of the approximately 60 Dutch animal shelters.