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Hampton Roads Homeschool Sports is a Christian sports league for homeschooled children serving all of Hampton Roads. Our League is dedicated to focusing on, and specializing in,the instruction of  homeschooled boys and girls ages 3 years to teenage years. Players are given highly specific instruction in the fundamentals and strategies of baseball, softball and soccer by trained coaches to insure the players' success. We also provide a chess club during the winter where our chess club members learn different strategies and participate in tournament play.We also include a separate chess class designed for those who have never played.

Our primary focus is threefold:

1. Family - We try to involve the entire family as much as possible- from volunteering in assisting with practices to being umpires, line judges, referees and cheerleaders. We strive to develop a love for the game and sports in general while creating wonderful friendships and family memories that last a lifetime.

We conclude our season with festivities where players are awarded their trophies and team pictures during team picnics and pizza parties.

2. Sportsmanship - We teach the children to draw attention to the team rather than self; to root for, not against; to always respect authority (their coaches, league officials, and umpires or referees) as well as respect their peers; and that we all play by the same set of rules.

3. Instruction - We really emphasize attention to sound fundamentals; we strive for each child to play at least half the game, and in the younger age groups, each player plays every position during the course of the season.

Our coaches begin each season with a "coaches only" clinic where we train the coaches to be on the same page with each other in teaching our players. This helps insure both quality instruction and a smooth and consistent transition to the next level.

Later, we kickoff both the baseball and soccer seasons with a league-wide clinic where both parents and children can learn the basic fundamentals and finer skills of the game with a hands-on approach.